Salty Sentiments

We finally had a day of pure sunshine so we headed to the beach. We watched the mister surf in the frigid water and I was all verklempt sitting in the sand. Let me explain...
The mister and I went on our first date (a.k.a. Keg party) 19 years ago today. Crazy how time flies and drags at the same time. I never, ever imagined meeting my other half when I was 18. It was not what I had planned, I was so eager to leave my hometown, start a new adventure, then this guy sauntered into my life. He was unlike anyone I ever met: up front, smart, handsome, honest, kind, and crass. Basically, all I ever wanted. We've grown side by side, supporting each other in whatever we needed. I gush a lot about him because he deserves it. He works his rear off, constantly makes me laugh at myself, is hands down the best dad ever, and always gives me the last bite of ice cream. We've been through a lot these 19 years and there is no other human I'd rather share this crazy with.


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