Sassy Scriptor Snack Attack

I consider myself a connoisseur of snacks. Man, do I love to snack, but I also love staying somewhat healthy. This metabolism is not quite what it used to be, let me tell you. That being said, I try my hardest to quell cravings in a (relative) healthy way. 

A current favorite is Trader Joe's chili mango with dark chocolate raisins. I know it sounds odd, but the spice of the mango is such a nice compliment to the dark chocolate raisins. Growing up so close to Mexico, so much of my flavor palette is Mexican influenced. I remember, after junior high, going to the little variety store and getting these mango chili lime lollipops. My word, just writing about it makes my mouth water. This snack is fairly close to that lovely, spicy food memory and although I have zero desire to relive middle school, I do miss those delicious lollipops. Happy snacking! 


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