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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up
1. We were on vacation this week and man oh man, it was so good. We did not do anything major, but just being off of routine was just what we needed. Lots of family time, ending our week with a Red Sox game, which was a blast.

2. My monthly article is over at Her View From Home, not an easy one to write, but an important one. (Click on link to read)

3. Let's talk about television for a second. I've been anxiously waiting for Catastrophe to return for the second season and I'm left feeling down about the way it went. I won't give anything away, but I just wish I could find a show that did not look at marriage and kids with such dread and obligation. 

4. Prince. Where do I begin? My first memory of him was watching Purple Rain, seeing the first nude woman in a movie with that flick, and his music. Raspberry Beret has always been one of my top 10 songs. It's usually blasting in my earbuds as I scrub the toilets because how in the world could anyone be sad listening to that song? It is strange when an icon from your life passes, serves up time and mortality in an odd way. Yesterday, as we sat at the Red Sox game, every time a hitter was up, they played a Prince song and each song seemed to transport me back to my childhood. It was an odd and beautiful feeling. 

5. In the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation, I've deemed today a Treat Yoself Day. Hair appointment, facial, and maybe even a trip to the thrift is in the cards for me today because 
everyone deserves a treat now and again.

6. I'm in a bit of a book rut. Anyone reading anything interesting? For some reason, I've been drawn to non-fiction, which is normally not my bibliojam (made that word up!) but for some reason, it's speaking to my heart. Send me some recommendations...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!


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