Style vs. Fashion

In thinking about what my style would be, there is no single answer. Some days, I'm feeling bohemian. Other days, I'm edgy casual. I don't dress on trend so much as I dress on my tastes. There are certain things I love: stripes, olive green, distressed denim, florals, cobalt blue, pleated skirts, tutu skirts, peter pan collars, and my recent obsession, fringe. My mood is what dictates my clothes. It's not trend, it's not brand, it's how I'm feeling. 
 This outfit is by far, my most comfortable. 
 Clogs: Hanna Andersson, Jeans and Necklace: Target, Shirt and Jacket: Anthropologie via Plum Consignment
 I love watching how each day my girls carefully choose clothing that secretly tells me how they are feeling. Bea tends to be relaxed casual in her leggings, cute tops, and her beloved burgundy Vans. Pippa tends to be a bit more whimsical, loving skirts, dresses, and fun and funky patterns. (I mean, really, the sunglasses and the leggings!) Her shirt, by the way, is our saying for her and was part of Gap's collaboration with Ellen and it makes me want to squeeze her every time she wears it. 
More than anything, I try to teach my girls that style is only 50% clothes, the rest is confidence. If you want to wear kitty leggings with a tutu skirt, go for it. If you want to wear a sweatshirt and jeans, go for it. Follow your heart, not magazine trends. Style is about revealing who you are, not copying what others like. Be no one else but you. xoxoxo


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