Purchasing with Patience

It may appear to some that I shop a lot. This may be partially true, but 95% of the time, I rarely come home with much. I just love treasure hunting or being inspired by colors, patterns, fabrics, and accessories while exercising some retail therapy. I place parameters on myself to be budget conscious and I never buy something unless I am 1000% sure it would be beneficial to my wardrobe. This is not always easy. Take, for example, my mild obsession with Vans sneakers. I own quite a few different pairs and they are not cheap. I've been dying for a pair of high tops but could not rationalize the $70 price tag, even though I wanted them badly. 
Enter a day searching for summer clothes for my girls at Nordstrom's Rack and just by chance, I wandered over to the shoes and found just what I was looking for at $29.95. This then freed up my budget to peruse the men's shoes and lo and behold, I found a pair for the mister at $29.95 as well. Two for the price of one. 
I had fun styling my shoes and am so happy I was patient to find these gems. 
Outfit details: shoes, Vans; distressed jeans, Joes; animal tank, American Eagle; sweatshirt, Anthropologie.
It is easy to get caught up with what we want, rather than what we need and still stay within budget boundaries. My best strategy is this: I allot myself a certain amount of money for clothes each month and once I hit that number, I do not buy any more, even if I really, really, really want the item. Clothes, to me, are a fun way to express myself and in some way, a form of art in my closet. Just like a painter is specific with their brushes, I, too am picky about my medium. I'm picky, patient, and purposeful with each purchase. Style is not about a price tag, it is all about confidence and individuality and can be found in the reduced racks! 


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