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Keeping it Real

The other day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and became a bit overwhelmed at how put together some people's lives appear. I'm usually very conscious about knowing that social media is not reality, but rather, staged glimpses of small snippets of a larger picture. However, there are moments when envy seeps in for a spotless, styled life, home and family. I know comparing myself to others is pointless and leads only to negative thoughts. I also know the damage done if we look at social media as reality. So, I thought I'd share my reality. I thought I'd keep it real, my friends. A little snippet into what my bathroom looks like every night after my kids shower.

Clothes, towels, you name it on the floor, laundry basket overflowing, stuff everywhere. There you have it, a real snippet. Nothing styled, nothing edited, nothing planned in this corner. Then, I turn around after cleaning up the mess to my corner of solitude. 
It's not a big space, but it's indi…

Pippa in the Kitchen: Lasagna Roll Ups

Much like her daddy-o, my Pippa loves to cook. We try to foster this as much as we can and to be honest, I'm happy to hand over the dinner duties. She saw lasagna roll ups on Pinterest so we doctored the recipe because she loves my red sauce (my secret ingredient is a pinch of cinnamon) and  let her loose in the kitchen. These were so much fun to make and would be great to freeze, but there were very little leftovers. We made time lapse to show the process, but Blogger is being a bit finicky about the loading process. You can check it out on Instagram

Recipe posts are a lot of work, my friends. I'd love to write it all down, but to be honest, we kind of just winged it. I can tell you the ingredients, you can head over to Pinterest, and you can doctor to suit your family's tastes.  Ingredients Lasagna noodles Ricotta one egg salt and pepper to doctor the ricotta red sauce  ground meat italian seasonings garlic cinnamon bay leaf mozzarella cheese, shredded Parmesan Reggiano,…

Trend try: Rompers two ways

Rompers. I love the way they look on other people but I avoided them for a bit because I'm a practical gal and just could not get over the whole bathroom situation. Derobing in public is usually not my thing, but I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone in the name of fashion.   First up was a little animal number I picked up at Plum Consignment. Feeling a little wild that day so I could not resist busting out my new Tory Burch bag, also from Plum. I loved the playfulness of this romper with the open back as well. 
Next up was another find from Plum Consignment. I kind of felt like a mechanic in this denim romper, but it has really grown on me. It is so comfortable and versatile, dressing it up with my Lotta Clogs or dressing it down with flip flops. So comfortable, in fact, I got over my bathroom dilemma.

For the same reasons that I love dresses, I'm learning to love rompers. They are fun, versatile, and can be styled in different ways. I'm all about getting all I c…

Makings of a Date Night, Home Edition

Every Saturday night, the mister and I carve out some time just for us to reconnect as a couple. In the almost 20 years we've been together, we've found that in order to manage all of the stress and strains life pulls on a relationship, we need to section off time just for us. We say it all the time, but we really do put our marriage at the forefront of our family life. This has been a learning process for us, as in our early stages of parenthood, we were so rightfully consumed with raising the kids, that we kind of lost the sight and desire to work on our marriage. Throw in some life changing curve balls and let me tell you, we were challenged as a couple. We decided in order to make all of this work, we not only needed time as a couple, but time to ourselves to pursue our own interests, but that is another post. Stay focused. Saturdays.... Some Saturdays include a nice dinner out, drinks, the usual idea of a date. But others, are more low key like running errands at Home De…