Keeping it Real

The other day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and became a bit overwhelmed at how put together some people's lives appear. I'm usually very conscious about knowing that social media is not reality, but rather, staged glimpses of small snippets of a larger picture. However, there are moments when envy seeps in for a spotless, styled life, home and family. I know comparing myself to others is pointless and leads only to negative thoughts. I also know the damage done if we look at social media as reality. So, I thought I'd share my reality. I thought I'd keep it real, my friends. A little snippet into what my bathroom looks like every night after my kids shower.

Clothes, towels, you name it on the floor, laundry basket overflowing, stuff everywhere. There you have it, a real snippet. Nothing styled, nothing edited, nothing planned in this corner. Then, I turn around after cleaning up the mess to my corner of solitude. 

It's not a big space, but it's indicative of how I look at life. Life is messy, both figuratively and literally. We're constantly tripping over piles, cleaning up messes, and trying to perfect stained circumstances. Life is full of these stinky piles and stubborn stains. Why focus on those when there are areas of complete and utter solace and beauty like my little corner in the destroyed bathroom. If we look hard enough, we can find them. Let's stop obsessing over the messes and trying to reach perfection. Lets stop comparing ourselves to unreal circumstances. Let's dig deep and be thankful for the blemishes because without them, it's pretty hard to detect the beauty. Lets keep it real, my friend. If you're game, post your keeping it real post and tag me, @SassyScriptor. (After I wrote this post, a lovely mama I follow on Instagram started a hashtag #shameoftheperfect, which goes right along with this post here...feel free to include that as well.)


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