Trend try: Rompers two ways

Rompers. I love the way they look on other people but I avoided them for a bit because I'm a practical gal and just could not get over the whole bathroom situation. Derobing in public is usually not my thing, but I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone in the name of fashion. 
 First up was a little animal number I picked up at Plum Consignment. Feeling a little wild that day so I could not resist busting out my new Tory Burch bag, also from Plum. I loved the playfulness of this romper with the open back as well. 
Romper: H&M, Shoes and Necklace: Target, Purse: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: J Crew, Watch: Michael Kors

Next up was another find from Plum Consignment. I kind of felt like a mechanic in this denim romper, but it has really grown on me. It is so comfortable and versatile, dressing it up with my Lotta Clogs or dressing it down with flip flops. So comfortable, in fact, I got over my bathroom dilemma.
Romper: Gap, Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

For the same reasons that I love dresses, I'm learning to love rompers. They are fun, versatile, and can be styled in different ways. I'm all about getting all I can out of an outfit and although I tend to not be trendy, it is always fun to experiment. Any trends you've tried and loved or hated? Send me a note, I'd love to hear. Happy Weekend, my friends! Hope you have a romping, rollicking one...see what I did there?!


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