Oliver's French Toast

While grocery shopping one day, Oliver blurt out, "hey, I have a great idea for breakfast. Nutella and banana french toast sandwiches!" We were in the bread aisle and a warm loaf of challah was calling my name, so naturally, that puppy went into the cart. I mean, how could I say no to my little man's delicious idea. 
 If you've never had challah, you're missing out. It is a sweet, airy bread that melts in your mouth. For this recipe, I left the bag open for a day to let the bread go a bit stale, ideal for Oliver's french toast. Once it was just on the cusp of being a bit dry, I soaked it in an egg, cinnamon, vanilla, and milky mix for about five mintues, both sides. Plopped the slices on the griddle and the let the aroma fill the house. After they were just the right amount of crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, I removed them and Oliver cut his banana, spread on the nutella, and made his french toast sandwich.

and, in Oliver fashion, he got a bloody nose right as we were carrying the plates over to the table. Looks like whipped cream on his nose, but it is tissue because "nothing is stopping me from eating this, Mum!" Happy eating!


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