Styling a Family Photo Session Around my Son

A few weeks back, we decided to do a mini session with a photographer. I take a lot of pictures of my kids but it had been almost four years since we had family photos done. We had the pleasure of working with a local photographer, Tracey Westgate. She was lovely, affordable, and we had quite a few laughs.
I was both excited and dreading it for one reason, my son will only wear active wear. I'm not kidding. There are no button downs, no nice shirts, only athletic wear. Yes, I could force my child into a shirt, but I'm not that kind of parent. Being my third child, I've learned what battles to fight and to be honest, I don't want a snapshot of what I want him to wear, I want a snapshot of who he is right now.
That being said, there is one "nice" shirt and pants that he decided on wearing and I had to go around that outfit. The shirt was gray, the pants were burgundy. Totally workable.
Image: Tracey Westgate Photography
 Rather than match the kids, we coordinated them. Each of them had a similar shade of the color palette burgundy, gray, and black.
The mister and I also donned the same colors and I had a lovely burgundy floppy hat but naturally, the wind was insane that day so I decided to ditch it. 
I also incorporated a black and white blanket, perfect for the hay bales we made the kids climb!


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