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Getting Through the Holidays After Loss

Two and a half years ago, I lost my little brother to suicide. It was mid-October when we said our final good-byes and each day after that was putting one foot in front of the other. The holidays came and I had no idea how I’d get through them, not only for myself, but for my children. I have three kids who were all close to my brother and I struggled with honoring all of our grief and providing them with a happy holiday season. It did not seem possible. My husband and I made the mistake of overbuying that year. There were so many presents under that tree, ones I cannot even remember buying, because we were so desperate to bring them some semblance of joy. In hindsight, we knew in our hearts if every toy in the world was under that tree, it would not change the fact that they were wishing for the one thing they could not have, one more day with my brother. We slogged through Christmas morning and visited with family the rest of the day. We all put on a good show. We smiled, we laughed,…