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Small Change, Big Difference

A while back, I was frustrated about my children complaining about something or other and felt they needed a little dose of humility. Now, more than ever, I think it is imperative that we all understand our privilege and how that privilege should not shield us from making a difference, but rather, it should drive us to foster change. Even if that change is collected in a small glass jar. 
I dug in the pantry and found this jar and we collectively decided that we would put our pocket change in it every day. For the month of January, we raised $9.50. Yes, it is not a lot. But it is something. At my childrens' school, they are collecting change to donate to the efforts of building a new school in Pakistan. The Grants are happy to contribute their change on Monday. 
These two cuties have birthdays this month and when they were little, I decided each year to donate to a charity that best reflected their passions. This year, we've decided to collect sports gear (mainly soccer and b…

Costa Rica Round up

It is hard to believe that nearly six months has passed since we were in Costa Rica. Even harder to believe it has taken me this long to blog about it! This was our first big international trip with the kiddos and they were nothing short of amazing. They are great travelers, having flown to the West Coast so many times, and continued to be patient, occupied, and behaved the entire trip. A few people have asked for a recap of our trip so here it is. I will say, Costa Rica is one of the most family friendly and accommodating countries I've been to. We opted out of the resort experience and chose to rent a house in Playa Portrero, a little ways away from the tourist trap of Playa Tamarindo. Our neighbors were a mix of locals and expats, puppies, kittens, and we even had a nightly visitor, a black lab that would just come to hang out and get some attention from my animal loving kids. We would go back in a heartbeat and because we went in the off season, we saved a ton of money. All i…