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Eyelash Adventures 

My esthetician and I go way back. She's one of my favorite human beings on the planet and makes it tolerable to get waxed every month because I get to visit with her. We worked together many moons ago at a cosmetic counter and let me tell you, that job brings you close to people. Anyhoo, she asked if I'd be interested in getting lash extensions. I'd seen them everywhere, but was hesitant to spend the money. Seemed frivolous, but on a dreary winter day, I needed a pick me up and went for it. My goodness, I have zero regrets. It takes about 90 minutes for the initial application, but 90 minutes of laying down peacefully is a great gift. The glue she used did not irritate my eyes and I have extremely sensitive skin. I could not believe the difference. I was hooked. It's very important to follow the care instructions to take care of them, but mine lasted in tact for a good two and a half weeks. Fills can be done for a fraction of the cost. And, the cost. My lovey charges …


I'm three days back from a whirlwind, wonderful trip in Paris with my husband and no children. It was nothing short of magical but what I brought home with me was not a souvenir, but a story. I'm going to be honest here and say that writing this is hard. I know it will invite comments that will upset me, but I just can't keep this inside. Too many of us turn our heads, scroll past, or choose to ignore tragedy staring us in the face. I am not a politician, a policy maker, or a diplomat. However, I am a mother and this exchange I had with another mother changed me. It was our last night in Paris and we were exhausted from walking 30 miles in 3 days exploring such a beautiful city. Rather than go out for dinner, we chose a dinner in. As I sipped wine, looking out our hotel window, I watched a woman sweeping the concrete as her toddler and baby ran around her. I had seen many women all over Paris, holding signs saying "Syrian family, please help." As we entered the …

Packing for Four Days in Paris in a Carry On

Headed to Paris with the mister sans children and keeping with my minimalistic goals, I wanted to only take a carry on the plane. I know, sounds crazy but I was determined.  We are flying overnight so I brought a comfy outfit to sleep in and a shirt and shoes to change into once we arrive.  3 tops and a casual dress for the days exploring  Crossbody bag, watch, necklace, and earrings for accessories The weather is mild right now so I can get away with my moto jacket and a scarf. This jacket can be casual for the day or paired with a dress for dinner. We are only doing one fancy dinner, but I like to dress for dinner and get out of my day clothes.  I think what works best is sticking with a neutral palette or a complimentary colors, so you can multi purpose each piece. Another tip that works for me is I get my hair professional blown out, which lasts at least 2 solid days for me. With the magic of dry shampoo, I can skip my bulky hair weapons, which take up so much room in the c…