Packing for Four Days in Paris in a Carry On

Headed to Paris with the mister sans children and keeping with my minimalistic goals, I wanted to only take a carry on the plane. I know, sounds crazy but I was determined.  We are flying overnight so I brought a comfy outfit to sleep in and a shirt and shoes to change into once we arrive.  3 tops and a casual dress for the days exploring  Crossbody bag, watch, necklace, and earrings for accessories The weather is mild right now so I can get away with my moto jacket and a scarf. This jacket can be casual for the day or paired with a dress for dinner. We are only doing one fancy dinner, but I like to dress for dinner and get out of my day clothes.  I think what works best is sticking with a neutral palette or a complimentary colors, so you can multi purpose each piece. Another tip that works for me is I get my hair professional blown out, which lasts at least 2 solid days for me. With the magic of dry shampoo, I can skip my bulky hair weapons, which take up so much room in the carry on. 


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